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2001 Front End Problems

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I need help with some "front end" issues.

I am experiencing play in my steering wheel. I had some "slack" adjusted a few years ago and probably need to have it looked at again. Could this be a factory part issues that I need to replace with an aftermarket?

I am also having problems with my front suspension. My truck feels like it "bottoms out" going over speed bumps or slightly rough terrain - slow to normal speeds. I noticed a "scar" on my transfer case that looks like something is hitting it at times.

My tires also seem to rattle alot going over "washboard" type terrain.

I'm not very mechanically inclined but thinking sway bar, ball joints, and coil springs need replaced!? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

'01 2500 Quad Cab, Completely stock, 136K miles
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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