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2001 Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel wont start

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Hello All. I'm hoping someone can give some direction. My 2001 Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel wont start. Here is the scenario......Yesterday 1/12/2013 my truck started up fine. I drove about 15 minutes to my destination and I shut my truck off to open a gate and when I got back in my Truck it wouldn't Start. It was not cranking, the lights did not dim when I turned the ignition on, it just wouldn't crank over. I had full battery. I let the truck sit for about 25 minutes and then it cranked right over. I then parked it for about 2 hours and when I went to start it it fired up but I noticed at that time when I turned the ignition there was about a second delay before it engaged the starter and fired up. I drove the truck home parked it, turned off the ignition and tried to restart it but it did not engage the starter. Still had full gauges, I heard my fuel pump turn on but just no signal to the starter.
Today 1/13/2013 I did a few things but have not had any success. I first thought it was my Neutral safety switch, the reason is because just 2 months ago I had my Trani rebuilt so I thought maybe that switch was not replaced. Replaced switch and same problem. I then took my Starter off took it to the local O Rielly's and they tested my started and said it is good. Still have same problem. I have visually checked my fuses and all are good. I moved some of my relay switches around with other relays and still nothing.
Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for the site. I been helped out with other things in the past just by reading the threads.
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Contacts in starter. Well documents issue. Also check fuse in fuse module in engine compartment. Parts are readilly avaliable at local starter/alternator repair shop. Reman parts store starters are generally junk. Google Dodge starter repairs and the fix should show or or review our vendors for repair kits.
That's what was said. good job.
There is a fuse in the fuse box on left side of engine compartment.
the reason fuse blown is contacts in starter. Reread earlier post. I don't answer these to see good suggestions not tried.
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