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2001 Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel wont start

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Hello All. I'm hoping someone can give some direction. My 2001 Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel wont start. Here is the scenario......Yesterday 1/12/2013 my truck started up fine. I drove about 15 minutes to my destination and I shut my truck off to open a gate and when I got back in my Truck it wouldn't Start. It was not cranking, the lights did not dim when I turned the ignition on, it just wouldn't crank over. I had full battery. I let the truck sit for about 25 minutes and then it cranked right over. I then parked it for about 2 hours and when I went to start it it fired up but I noticed at that time when I turned the ignition there was about a second delay before it engaged the starter and fired up. I drove the truck home parked it, turned off the ignition and tried to restart it but it did not engage the starter. Still had full gauges, I heard my fuel pump turn on but just no signal to the starter.
Today 1/13/2013 I did a few things but have not had any success. I first thought it was my Neutral safety switch, the reason is because just 2 months ago I had my Trani rebuilt so I thought maybe that switch was not replaced. Replaced switch and same problem. I then took my Starter off took it to the local O Rielly's and they tested my started and said it is good. Still have same problem. I have visually checked my fuses and all are good. I moved some of my relay switches around with other relays and still nothing.
Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for the site. I been helped out with other things in the past just by reading the threads.
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I would have another person help you. Get a volt meter set it to read DC voltage. Test the power at the starter from the key. Red wire will ALWAYS BE HOT!! . There's another smaller wire that's the start wire. You should have 12 volts when the key is in the START POSITION. Post back with results. Becareful and not get run over. I think its the starter.
Ok. I tried the volt meter and I'm getting zero volts to the little red wire. Traced that back to the fuse panel in the engine compartment. I did not go any further because there's a gang load of wires that appear to go under the fuse block holder. Could it possibly be a relay switch?
There is a fuse in the fuse box on left side of engine compartment.
the reason fuse blown is contacts in starter. Reread earlier post. I don't answer these to see good suggestions not tried.
I can hear that fuse clicking when I turn the ignition. I will go purchase another one and give it a shot. Thanks for the suggestion. I apologize for not trying that prior to my previous post. Thanks again.
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