Mileage:236000 M
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I am the perfect person to buy a vehicle from because I am anal and take very good care of my stuff. I purchased this truck in 2011. Prior to that it was a Florida truck. It is virtually rust free for a truck this age. Every year I go under and re-spray the body to prevent rust. Before I bought it the VP44 was replaced and has been solid ever since. I ensured this by upgrading the fuel pump and monitoring the pressure to ensure proper cooling. So you are not getting a 20 year old injection pump that is beat up and worn out which is excellent.

I have never once hooked up trailer to this truck so it has lived an easy life as my 3rd vehicle used only when needed to haul stuff in the bed but driven weekly to keep it happy.

The rest.... I have replaced just about every maintenance item at this point so you are getting a truck that should be good to go.

All maintenance is logged in the owners manual with date time and miles.

What has been replaced since I have owned the truck, all OEM parts:
Turbo - 2020
MBR Exhaust - 2011
Tires - 2020 Rear, 2018 Front (driven about 600 miles since pandemic)
Front wheel bearings - 2019
Radiator - 2019
Alternator - 2019
Rear Main Seal - 2019
Oil Pan Seal - 2019
Trans Pan (new after market) and Seal - 2020
AC Compressor - 2012
AC Condenser - 2012
Heater/Evap Coil - 2012
Headlights - 2015
In-Tank Fuel Pump Removed and replaced with new pickup/sending unit and airdog raptor pump - 2011 and again in 2021 with a new fuel tank after a tow strap cracked it. Ugh. Might as well replace it all when I had the tank out.
Rebuilt the vacuum/ps pump circa 2019
Rear Brakes 2012 with only 30K miles on them
Front Brakes and calipers more recently but forget exactly when maybe 2016
Rear-end rebuilt in 2012 - I have never once hooked up a trailer to this truck since the rebuild
New pinion seal in 2016
Rear trans seal 2012
Trans Temp/Boost/Fuel Pressure Gauge (autometer) Autometer Fuel Pressure Gauge Sender replaced in 2020

Various little maintenance items like radiator hoses upgraded to silicone, hvac vacuum line, rubber gaskets in hard fuel lines, front crank nose sleeved and new gasket, new gasket on timing cover, new valve cover gasket, new intake filter, trans flush and filter, trans band adjustment.

Dates are approximate from memory

Oil changed on this truck every 3000 miles or 1 year whichever came first at the dodge dealership. Told you I was anal. I have done so much preventative maintenance on this truck in 12 years I really can't keep it all straight.

Bottom line, this thing runs well and is very well cared for and loved.