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2001 Dodge cummins and wvo

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Hello and thanks for reading this. i have a 2001 dodge diesel that i want to convert to use wvo. i have 61k on it and no ip problems. i would to hear from anyone with this year truck and your experiences.
Thanks, ed
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you might want to check out the frybrid forums, there are a few VP44 owners who have done this converson with success. While the VP44 does have its issues, I do think it is alot more stout than people make it seem. Watch your pressure, keep your fuel clean and you should be fine.

They also sell a heavy duty version of the FASS pump for WVO systems.
My wife drives an '01 that we've been running on homemade biodiesel for a while now. No problems at all - if anything the truck seems to run better on the stuff. Most of her driving involves shorter trips of 10-15 miles, so I haven't been in a rush to convert it to run WVO. I've got everything to do it though, so I need to get 'er done soon.

My '96 has been running WVO for a couple of years now. I went with biodiesel in the main tank and WVO in the secondary fuel system for longer trips. The only problem I've had is that the stock mechanical fuel pump apparently blew chunks after about a month of the biodiesel usage - fortunately my setup included some post-pump filtration and the IP didn't ingest the chunks. I've switched to an electric fuel pump since.
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