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Hey guys, I'm looking to run some of the Fuel 1pc cast dually wheels in either the Maverick, Triton, or Cleaver on my Mega Dually. I think I've ready just about every post on 20" dually wheels on this forum.

Anyone have any experience towing heavy with these? We have a 45' 5er I pull, pin weight is around 4500 with nothing in the garage. I'm not too worried about it but wanted to ask, the weight rating is low for these compared to other dually wheels (Mayhem, XD), but the combination of all tires is still higher than the GVWR of the truck.

Also looking to run a 35 x 11.50 x 20 Nitto Ridgegrappler, I haven't seen anyone running these but I was going to try to get away with running the street tire offset outer dually so it doesn't stick out too much. These are spaced an inch closer than the "lifted" offset which can fit a 12.50 tire so I assume an inch closer would accommodate a 11.5 tire.

Anyways, any pictures or experience you guys could share would be greatly appreciated.

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