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1st time runnin a diesel

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this is the first time i have drag raced a diesel.all my truck has done to it is the star wheel cranked, exhaust and intake.will it hurt it to launch in 4wd?or should i just stick to 2wd launchs?is there anything else i can do to help 1/8 mile time?
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I wouldn't waste your time if that's all you have done to it... auto or manual? definately launch it in 4wd
I wouldn't waste your time if that's all you have done to it... auto or manual? definately launch it in 4wd
Actually, I think its a great time to race it. Racing it near stock will help judge the effectiveness of his future modifications.

Back to the original question - launch in 4 Hi. Since your transmission is stock, don't get too crazy with the launching. Sitting there doing a boosted launch builds heat in the transmission - and heat kills transmissions.

This may seem obvious, but I'll say it anyway. After you are done racing, and before you make the turn back to the staging area, put it back in 2 wheel drive. Turning in 4 wheel drive on dry pavement isn't something you want to do.
a boosted launch doesn't build heat in the tranny if it's a manual
yea but if its a manual and its got a stocker for a clutch.... its not gunna like boosted lauches. my valair kevlar ceramic doesnt even like boosted launches :buttkick:
You cant even boost a manual have to put a load on the engine to build boost (if you can then let me in on the secret).....i would launch around 2000 rpm in 4 hi....however don't do it to much it will kill clutch quick.
you slip the clutch to build boost.... in return putting a load on the engine.... single disk clutche's hate it.

i take it ur just revving up the rpms and dumping the clutch????
i don't launch man my clutch is stock as can be...don't need to slip it if i can help it.
well yea man.... ive only tried a boosted launch once, just outta curiosty.

you really need a dual disk to do it... if im gunna race someone i just raise the rpms and dump it!
ya i have done that a few times....just so damn hard on them u joints.
Use one foot for the clutch, and the other one for the brake and throttle. Easy to build boost in a manual once you know how.
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