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1st gen twin turbo?????

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where would i look to find a twin turbo setup for my truck....or could i use one off of a 2nd gen truck????cause been looking but cant find one for the 1st gen cummins.... :peelout
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You're probably not gonna find an off-the-shelf kit, or at least not an off-the-shelf kit that anybody bothers to advertise. If anybody would know about cross-compatibility it would be Piers.

I don't see what the difference would be between a 1st gen turbo kit and a 2nd gen turbo kit, though... I wouldn't think that clearances would be any different? First gens have a kind of funny frame, maybe the air conditioner gets in the way... You'd probably have to bend or bang on at least one pipe to get it to fit.
yea like begle said check out PDR Diesel Performance they have them for the 1st gens
Wow, hey, they do have kits.

PDR Diesel Performance: 1991-1993

Hooray for Piers.
yea i deam about them all the time lol
diesel brad what do you have done to your truck?...fill out a sig
here you go
Now that you filled out your sig, we want pictures.
ok give me a minute :peelout
here is a pic of the truck without the bed on it we had to cut the bed to fit...and the bed was cut off a 72 ramcharger.. here ios a set of 63 inch chevy rear springs that we are going to put in the rear to replace the stock 48 inch springs.... good ol cummins........... :peelout
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does anyone know how much boost i can run? i just installed a dennyt fuel pin and am building about 31lbs of boost. i noticed 1 guy has arp studs do i need to do this?
Around 40psi I believe is when you need new head studs. At 35psi or so the stock turbo is being over spun. You can re-tourque the stock head studs though to make sure they are tight.
Assuming 1st gen motors have the same head clamping force as the p pump 12v's (I can't imagine why they wouldn't), 40 would be the earliest I'd start worrying about studs or fire rings. I have stock unretorqued bolts and gasket on mine, and I run 45-50 quite often. I've previously sprayed it with nitrous while running these boost levels, and my timing is up around 19. I may just be the luckiest guy on Earth, I dunno.

Remember that studs aren't the only option, there are upgraded bolts available for much less. They also clamp less than studs, but more than stock bolts. Might be a good compromise, especially if you're not trying to go much past 50 psi.
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