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Help build 1st gen buyers guide

I'm looking at buying a first gen from a guy who's feed me a load of bs already.
The truck is a 93 ic that he claims has 68000 he has no way to proof what the milage is on the powertrain because the cab has been replaced.
When I first got there he said he's never tampered with the fuel screw or any of that stuff, but that went to tell me he's done to sled pulls and placed 2nd, and hes had the injectors rebuilt. Seems fishey to me. Is there any thing i need to worry about if the injectors have aleady been rebuilt.

The guy says he's a diesel tech and had a plethora of tools so I'm sure he's capable of doing any tests I ask.

What should I look for and what can I have tested ( fuel pump, compression, ext.?)
I plan on putting the replys together so I can make a 1st gen buyers guide for newbies like me! Any input will be apprecitated by me and many other potential 1st gen buyers.

Thanks Krogstad
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