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1999 chugging stalled will not start

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Ok first of I'm new to the board and cummins for the most part. I have been a mechanic for a few years now mostly jeeps.

So on to my problem. I have a '99 2500 4x4 with the auto no mods. I noticed the other day that my voltage was fluctuating between 14.4 and 11.5 while driving. batteries still had good charge when not running at 12.6. So decided that the alternator should be replaced. was on my way to the parts shop when i was stopped at a light and the engine suddenly starts to chug and eventually stalls out. Vehicle would not start back up. Checked the codes and i have 3 (P1688,P0380,p0382).

Hopefully I'm not beating a dead horse i did search but didn't come up with to much.So wanted to get your guys opinion since I have limited knowledge on this engine. My guess is that due to the lack in battery voltage i had a failure in my lift pump that caused my vp44 to fail. So my plan of action was to replace the alternator, lift pump and vp44.

Does this sound correct or if not what are your thoughts. If so who would be a good company to go with for a reman vp44.

Thanks in advance,
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the 1688 codes is for injection pump electronic failure. if you google p1688 dodge diesel you will see more info about it. looks like youll need a new lift pump and vp44. the other 2 codes are for grid heater elements
Thats what I thought. I looked up the p1688 and seems to be one of those kisses of death. The two grid heater codes seemed like they might have been conducive to low batter voltage. Need to fix what's broke but also trying to figure out what caused the problem so it doesn't happen again.
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