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1996 cummins 60 mph tops?

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while driving home tonight my truck started acting strange, 50 mile trip home I could only do 60 mph and even at 45 mph my tach was at 2000 rpm, during the trip my egt gauge only got to 450 degrees and when I got home the engine and radiator were very cool to the touch? I am new to diesels and have no idea what happened to it. any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Is your truck a auto or stick?
sorry, it is auto. about 3 miles into my trip it felt like I was in would rev but kept slowing down. my tranny temp gauge never got past 125 degrees the entire trip.
It sounds like you didn't have overdrive. How many miles? May need a trans rebuild.

Regarding the egts - are you stock?
truck only has 145,000 miles and everything stock. cant figure out why everything stayed very cold after the 50 mile trip? as soon as I got home and opened the hood I could place my hand right on the engine and radiator and the were actually cold?
Had a 2000 that handled so bad you didn't drive over 60
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