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1995 5.9 cummins in a ford bus...?

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I have a chance to buy a b-series ford, It has what looks like a p-pumped 5.9 It sounds good, I was shocked at the crank time it took to fire it up, but then I noticed no intake air heater? Is this a motor I could swap in place of my 1st gen? I may even keep the bus together and build a toy hauler, but just incase the rest of the bus is shook I want options. (the data tag says 5.9 and I think something like built by cummins for ford) Thanks in advance.
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Most bus Cummins engines don't come with the grid heaters because school districts plug in the block heater when it's cold.
Check out the bus parking lots, they usually have a pole with outlet for each bus.
Great engine for swapping into your 1st gen
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