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1995 3500 dually rear wheel conversion

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whats going on everybody i am very new to this website, this is auctually my first thread on here... but anyway i just picked up a single cab 1995 3500 12 valve dually with a utility body on it the truck has 98k and no rust on the cab corners, doors, fenders but the under body has the typical suraface rust not rotting or deterioration. but the best part of this is i got it for free... dident pay a penny. i was looking to do a rear wheel conversion and remove the dually and makking it a single wheel but i have a couple of questions about it and am very curious how this is going to work and what i need. i was hoping to put an 8 foot bed on it bud im not sure if that would work or not or if i would only be able to put a 6 foot bed. but i did some reaserch never really got any good enough answers. but what i really need to know is how to do the conversion people have been telling me al you habve to do for the front is take out the front hub spacers and put new rims on it witch dosent seem hard at all, but with the rear i dont know if i can do the same and keep the axle thats on there or am i going to have to do a whole entire swap of the rear end. any information on how to do this would be very helpful this is my first cummins i recently had a 7.3 powerstroke but im only 17 and really looking to do this conversion and any help will be every appreicaated


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okay i will go home when i get the chance and take as good of pics as i can and if the back has 1.5 inch offset then i would maybe run 2 inch spacers in the front. but i am not firmiliar with "C&C" i am not so sure what that is. but alos a very big question i had as well if i do the conversion would i be able to lift the truck i was looking to do maybe 6-7 inch suspension lift or 4 inch suspension lift with a 3 inch body lift and i keep looking all over the web for kits i can buy but it would be a SRW sitting on a 3500 chassis and im not sure if they ever made a SRW 3500 in 95' but the options are 1500, 2500, 3500 and im not sure if the 3500 is for a dually any info would be very helpful thanks for the great post
thanks... i was really confused on if itd work or not... im also lookinf for an 8 ft bed if anyone has seen any around or knows of one thatd be greatly appreicated
ive been very busy and taking those pictures and getting the VIN has slipped my mind but ill do it
1 - 4 of 6 Posts
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