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1994 ram 3500 5.9 v12 cummins *Stalls* randomly shutsdown

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I recently bought this truck n I'm new to diesels. So when I bought it I had a hard time trying to get it going but once I got it warm it would crank good. I bought it in Houston so I drove it back.. 3 hours on the trip back it turned off on me when I would press on clutch but as soon as I would put it back on gear it would come back to life. I drove it back to San Diego everything was fine while I was cruising just hard keeping the engine on while going tru gears to fuel up. I did notice If I kept my foot on the gas pedal it would stay on sometimes. I haven't been available to keep it on since I parked it. I been working on it doing some research I replaced the fuel filter, delete the fuel heater, ran a 3/8 fuel line from the lift pump to the hard line the comes from the diesel tank. I think it's something related to the fuel since I remove the shutoff solenoid n put a spring on it to keep the diesel fuel supply open all the time. When I finally crank it it dies.. today I kept my foot on it n it idle at 1000 rpms n idle for 15 minutes before it just stalls n tried to crank it n it didn't crank up. I think is air or the injection pump not delivering fuel? Feels like it loses prime. I will add that it would idle at very low rpms when I got it like very close to the 500 rpms idk if that helps.. any suggestions I'm open to it like I said I'm new to diesel.. Also I will add that is leaking oil from somewhere on gearbox which I'm going to fix as soon as I can keep it on.. hope to hear back from someone thank you in advance
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There could be trash in the fuel tank blocking flow irregularly.
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