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1994 2wd SCSB Build

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Just wanted to get some feed back on my build and see what everyone thinks! I bough a chopped down 2500 2wd rolling chaise locally for a steal and dropped in the motor i had originally built for one of my other project trucks into it. Please let me know what you think!

Motor specs
.20 Over Mahale Fly Cuts
Hamilton 60# springs
Hamilton Push Tubes
Head Is CNC Ported Both Sides and Fire Ringed All Machine work Done By haisley Machine Also Milled of the intake shelf
ZZ Fabb Individual Runner 3.5" front intake Plenum
Arp Studs on Intake Plenum & head
Haisley Machine Custom Bent .093 lines
Keating Machine valve Cover & Timing Case cover & Tappet Cover
Fluid Dampaner
Steed Speed Exhaust Manifold
II Race twins 66/85
Waterman Gear Driven Lift Pump
Diesel Performance Engineering 13mm Pump Set to Flow 870cc
Diesel Performance Engineering 5x20 Injectors
Electric Water Pump
Billet Freeze Plugs
Helman Intercooler
SB Half Organic Half Ceramic DD NV5600 Trans

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Nice truck. Two things I would change is to go to an auto transmission and lose the cab lights. How does it drive, or have you made it that far?
Built auto is definitely to come just don't have the fund's right now! Lol
Love it. If i left it manual id personally prefer a g56. But still...that's like my dream truck :thumbsup:
Yah not a big fan of the way the nv5600 shifts I daily a 2012 with a g56 and love it. But this truck will eventually get a full manual valave body auto.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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