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1992 Dodge 4wd advice needed

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Hey guys, I found a truck nearby for sale. It's a 1992 dodge 250 with the 5.9L turbo diesel, but it's 2wd. I was really looking for a 4x4, diesel or gas, but I've always wanted a cummins... The truck is in great shape, except for the floor pan and rocker panels, and the engine has 160k on it and runs real strong. It's selling for 1600.

Should I grab it up? Is this price for a good 5.9 in a decent truck worthwhile enough to forget about 4wd? It has all the other features I'd want, except that. How hard would it be to convert it, or throw the engine into a 4x4 truck? Something tells me that once I fire her up, I wont give a damn about 4wd anymore!
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Where do you live? If you don't buy it, I will!! I could use another work truck.

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