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OK, so my 84 Ramcharger is not in great shape. This is the first vehicle I've had that I myself have worked on and I've been at it for 2 years now. To shorten it up and hopefully get a little help I'll just say that as of right now here is no wiring harnesses from the steering column to the firewall under the dash(tilt steering column). So no ignition switch, no key cylinder, no key, no blinker switch, no nothing except steering wheel. The firewall in the cab has the curved grey 8 terminal harness, the blue 7 terminal harness, and a lot of smaller harnesses and pigtails that arent connected to anything. I have nothing in my dash except for my instrument cluster with the gas gauge and all that. Everything else is gone. Under the hood in he engine compartment is about in the same condition. Its a web of torn and spliced and re spliced wireing, no fusible links left. Ive had it running on and off for 2 years but not it's done running again. I know my wireing is the problem. Ive litteraly spent an entire summer under the hood of this truck and I know this thing mechanically. But electrically I'm at a loss. I understand most of what is here but I can not for the life of me get it to run. Ive been at "crank and no damn start" for another 3 weeks now. Anything at all will help. Maybe just a response would have a word in it that clicks for me and I can remember how the hell this wireing thing goes. Idk. But I need help. Anything anyone has to say would be appreciated. Thanks
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