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Edge has one of the best customer service I have seen - that and Leupold scopes. I got an Edge COMP off ebay for like $100 b/c it had a messed up harness. The seller advertised it as that and said it was very messed up which it was. I tried everything I could to rewire it and fix it and I still could not get it to work. I called edge to inquire about a new harness and they said to send it back in. I told them that I was not the original owner and there was super glue all over the body and harness from the previous owner then damage to the connector plug and wires. They did not care. About 1 week later, I got a completely different Edge (used but very clean) with a brand new harness in the mail. I couldn't believe it - it looked brand new. They may have lost a little $ by not telling me my unit was bad and then trying to get me to buy another like most companies would, but they got a customer for life for any future purchases / trucks I might buy and I have told lots of people about how upstanding they are. Rare in today's world.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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