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18 lbs of Boost

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I have a 02 with a 5 spd, edge ez, fass 150, 4 inch straight pipe and gauges. I was wandering why I only hit 18 lbs of boost on my gauge.
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does the edge got a boost fooler in it??
I have a 02 with a 5 spd, edge ez, fass 150, 4 inch straight pipe and gauges. I was wandering why I only hit 18 lbs of boost on my gauge.

Did you install the boost elbow that comes with the Edge EZ? If you bought the Edge EZ used and it did not come with a boost elbow, call Edge and tell them what you have and they will send you a boost elbow. I did this when I bought my EZ used and Edge sent me the boost elbow FREE.

If you don't install the boost elbow on the turbo, the waste gate will open at approx. 20 lbs. of boost give or take throwing away your much needed boost to burn the extra fuel and help cool the EGT's. The boost fooler is built into the Edge EZ and is the the plug the you plug into the MAP sensor.

The above is predicated on the premise that you have checked for NO leaks in the boost pressure tubing to the gauge.
Thanks for the info! I bought the truck with the egde on it and it does not have the boost elbow.
Once you install the boost elbow you should see 30 to 35 lbs. of boost PROVIDED you have a good free flowing air filter installed. I HIGHLY recommend the BHAF. This combo should work WELL with your 4 inch exhaust.
call edge and most of the time they will ship it for free. let them know you bought the truck with the product on it. you may even want to get any info off the box as well.
I called and they won't be in until 2 pm so I sent a email.
Edge has one of the best customer service I have seen - that and Leupold scopes. I got an Edge COMP off ebay for like $100 b/c it had a messed up harness. The seller advertised it as that and said it was very messed up which it was. I tried everything I could to rewire it and fix it and I still could not get it to work. I called edge to inquire about a new harness and they said to send it back in. I told them that I was not the original owner and there was super glue all over the body and harness from the previous owner then damage to the connector plug and wires. They did not care. About 1 week later, I got a completely different Edge (used but very clean) with a brand new harness in the mail. I couldn't believe it - it looked brand new. They may have lost a little $ by not telling me my unit was bad and then trying to get me to buy another like most companies would, but they got a customer for life for any future purchases / trucks I might buy and I have told lots of people about how upstanding they are. Rare in today's world.
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Well when i get my 24v looks like i am going EDGE!!!
yeah baby! Edge Juice w/ Attitude is the way to go!
I talked to someone at Edge yesterday and they said they would send me a boost elbow no problem. That is great customer help in my mind. Will buy a edge juice or comp when I have the money!!!
i like edge cs as well... the ez that was on myu truck when i bought it died a while back...i called them, they said they'd give me a discount on any other edge product i wanted when i was ready to buy something else even though i didnt' even buy that ez from them!
ya my edge comp didnt have the wire tapped on the vp when i bought it and i only pushed 18. so it was basically the edge ez. then i tapped the wire and could hit 30
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