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Howdy fellas. I have my 95' 3/4 ton Ram diesel (I've had her for 15 years now) that is in dire need of new tires. Wheels are 35 x 12.50 r16.5. The 16.5 (which is factory) is killing me. Been searching for days everywhere for replacement tires this size with no luck. BF Goodrich no longer makes all terrain tires this size anymore. If I recall correctly, the last two times that I've bought tires for this truck, I was pretty much limited to BF Goodrich's 35 x 12.50 r16.5 all terrains.
I've been searching around looking for four used 16" patterned eight lug replacement rims that I can put nearly the same sized tires on.(height and width wise). From some of what I researched, it looks to me like I can go with 295/75 r16 tires? I'm not tire/rim savvy. Just looking for anyone who can help point the way to me as far as what exactly the dimensions are for used 16" rims that I need to look for. I'll also be taking a long a caliper for bolt space patterning. Thanks in advance! Jd.
The bes option is go to 17" or bigger rim. I have the same problem on my 62 Ford with 12.5X25.5x 16.5 tires. Talked to my favorite tire guy, that's what he said.
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