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13 spd trany conversion

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I'm sure this will get a lot of people thinking "WHY" lets just say I have tinkeritis and want to have more overdrive when empty and a gear spacing that is only about 200rpms apart when towing heavy over mountain passes.

After looking into many options for all different types of tranys both auto and manual, I decided on a fuller roadranger RTOO9513. Parts are available to bolt it right onto our little cummins. There will be some cutting and welding involved at the floor pan trany tunnel (for extra space) and frame rails for trany mounts.

I thought someone on here might enjoy at least reading about it and looking at pictures as the build goes.

Unloading the trany complete with 14inch clutch, flywheel and flywheel adapter for the back of the block.

The pieces I've gathered up before starting.
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Another step in "preparation" was moving the exhaust outside of the frame rails since this trany is so wide there will not be room for it and the exhaust.
I run a 5inch exhaust with a resonator and a muffler. Here is where I started

I made a "custom" down pipe that goes around the A/C receiver tank then comes out through a cut in the inner fender and over the frame rail. I had to use 4inch here to get the bends tight enough.

Here is a picture of the finished exhaust from underneath

from the side including squashing my 7inch tip into an oval so it didn't end up too low to the ground.
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Subscribed! What is the weight of the new unit vs the stock one?
yesterday was the day to "dive in"
I pulled the 47RE out. so the truck is down until it can move with the 13spd

then the flex plate, starter, cooler lines, cross member, shift linkage, tps cable

the block adapter has to go too

this stuff is all for sale and will be in the classified section soon

enough computer work for today I have to get back out to the shop and get the oil cooler out.
Ive been wanting to install a Fass pump to eliminate all the air sucking stuff on the left side of the block, well now it is way too easy to reach all that with no trany in the way! so today the lift pump, fuel pre screen/heater, fuel filter & housing is all coming out too.
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Subscribed! What is the weight of the new unit vs the stock one?
quite a bit more

fullers web site shows the trany alone as 660lbs + bell housing + 14inch clutch + flywheel + etc

I don't know what the 47RE with converter and flex plate weigh and the block adapter is aluminum

I got a scale weight for the whole truck, before and after I added a custom made canopy. I planned to re-weigh the truck after I'm done and compare it to the previous weight to see where I end up. I will post that up later, in a couple weeks.
Sweet. Looking forward to watching this project.
are you going to use air to shift the spliter or twin stick it.
are you going to use air to shift the spliter or twin stick it.
I have a little compressor on board for the air bags in the back and to operate my exhaust brake on the VGT so I will tap into the small air tank for the shifter too.
I got the rest of the "dirty" (anything that I expect will drip oil, fuel or coolant) things off the truck. the oil cooler and the trany cooler up front were a pain to get off! I thought I was going to have to pull the front bumper to get that cooler off the front but I massaged it a little and got it out.

Next step
I'll do a good clean up on the floor and then pull the front seats, roll back the carpet and cut out the floor.
it will be a couple days till I get back out there to do much
Sub'd cant wait to watch this
im game, subscribed good luck with it all!
I sub'd. Can't wait to see you shift through the gears!!:drool2:
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a 009513 is a very good choice you can split top 4 gears loaded it is rated for 950lbs will never break.i drove one for years good luck.
I would love to have this set up just sounds badass subscribed!

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Pretty sweet project. How much did the fuller with clutch an all run ya?
Sub'ed good luck...... How are you going to handle the driveline?
subscribed! looks like its ganna be pretty cool project!! good luck with it!
That transmission is huge!

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