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'13 Gelled up

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Not a happy camper, two nights in a row truck has gelled up. In central iowa, overnight low was -2. Had truck full of fuel with whole bottle of power service mixed in the tank. Truck snapped out of it yesterday but is toast this morning. New fuel filter? Any help? Thanks.
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Yep, fueled up last night. Sittin in Casey's parking lot since 7am. Put 911 in fuel filter can and it still won't stay running. Having it towed to my old man's shop where ican crank the heat up and hopefully thaw it out. Snow in the forecast tomorrow and need the truck to push snow.
You would have to put diesel 911 in the tank and filters. Because if the tank fuel is gelled it won't flow. Was it the *********** service jug? I've only had my fuel gel once, it was -16 without windchill. I was using xdp's winter additive. 1qt 911 cleared it up.
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