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12v nv-4500 stuck?

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My friend borrowed my truck to go to the dump and on his way back he messed her up. When he got back 3rd gear was broken but all other gears worked. The truck sat for a couple months and when I went get her going FRANKENSTEIN! The truck will not start unless the clutch is pushed in. When u let the clutch out in any gear including neutral the truck starts to engage then stalls out!??? Does anyone have any idea what is wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated fellas! I searched the forum but could not find anything like this!
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The shifter lever lifts out of the transmission. You may find yours is worn. If so it is possible that your shifter misbehaved and you have the transmission stuck in 2 gears. You can use a bar to move the shifter rails back into place if this is the case.
Of course your frind is right beside you ready to foot the bill for his part in this story.

Sounds like above mentioned. Hung in a gear due to shifter linkage wear. PUll cover.
Thank you guys so much for a fast reply! I don't know how to work on trucks which sucks cause this sounds really easy! That guy who messed my truck up is a drunk idiot! It's ok I got back at his common rail bad really bad!
what year nv4500 is it.94 to 98 you have to push the gear shift retainer down and twist it to remove 98 and up you can remove 4 bolts and remove the shift tower.98 and up has a plastic shift tower that can break causing this problem.on both of them after shifter is out you can look down into trans and see if shift rails are lined up,if not use a bar to slide them back into line and put shifter back in.
Transmission is trashed! Mechanic says I need a new one. Do you fellas know what company makes the strongest nv-4500?
by "trashed", what exactly is wrong with it? 4500's are super easy to rebuild
I think he said all the gears are locked up. I'm going to call him tomorrow. He said it would be around 3000 to fix.
I think he said all the gears are locked up. I'm going to call him tomorrow. He said it would be around 3000 to fix.
Way too much money for a NV4500.

Shop around.

Just an example, ATS NV4500.

I'm sure you can get one $1000 cheaper than that.
Find you another mechanic, no way ALL the gears can be locked up unless you drove it to h--- and back with no oil in it. Most likely stuck in two gears like others are saying, this is a easy fix but if they are bond up very tight you'll need someone prying on the shift rail while a couple others rock the truck back and forth to relieve the pressure. DO NOT try and force it with the clutch or you end up with broken gears and or busted clutch. :doh:
where are you located,ctc in southeren in is the best trans shop around here.3000$ bucks is way out of line.
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