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12v no fuel plate,no smoke?

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(I'm new to this),,I bought a 95 2500 12v with 242xxx auto,brand new 4" exhaust also the kid before me took the fuel plate out and turned the star wheel all the way towards the front of the truck, he bypassed the stock lift pump(from what I know) and put a gold flo electronic fuel pump on, there's a pump in the tank too,I'm not asking for smoke, doesn't really matter to me, but with out a fuel plate and the star wheel turned wouldnt it smoke a bit? Also just changed fuel filter,just doesn't make sence to me:banghead:
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When i first bought my truck that is how it was setup, pre boost was never touched. It didn't really smoke at all either. Now throw in a GSK and it will black out an intersection... I ended up grinding a plate and tightening star wheel after GSK. Not a smoke fan, its just $4 a gallon wasted fuel.
If you screw in pre-boost it will smoke, but no as it is tuned it is not abnormal to not see much smoke. It means the turbo is able to keep up with your fueling and is not a bad thing. Unless she doesn't seem as fast as such a tune should be then you may have a lack of fueling/fuel pressure problem.
Also dont even think about installing those 4k's before doing valve springs... or you can do what i did, leave inner most spring out and its now a 3k kit and safe (more or less) without springs.
Here: Link
An electric fuel pump on a 12v is NOT an investment...
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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