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One of our work trucks started knocking this morning, like an injector is stuck open. Even at idle. The knock sounds like its on only one cylinder. And it smells like unburnt fuel with about a 16" flame coming out of the exhaust. Truck is bone stock with 128k on it. Our cheap Mac scanner came up with the following codes...
P206E: Reductant Heater B control performance
P0087: Rail Pressure too low
P214D: Description Unavailable
P2201: NOX sensor circuit bank 1
P0116: ECT Circuit range

No injector codes like i thought it would have. Just figured i would get some opinions on here before i dive into it any further since I haven't worked on these 6.7's at all yet. And i cant find Mopar descriptions on the web for the codes with letters... Thank you in advance.
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