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1 Piece aluminum Driveshaft and larger fuel tank

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I have read about driveshafts rubbing on the fuel tanks.
I'm considering upgrading to the 1 piece aluminum driveshaft from driveshaft specialists. (5 inch) would that hit/rub my fuel tank if I upgrade to a Titan xl 52 gallon or BD 52 gallon? Or would it be better because the center u-joint is gone. Or would it be better because the u-joint is gone, and worse because the shaft is a larger diameter? Not sure who out there had done both of these mods to their Megacab?

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I have the same 5” one piece you are talking about, no issue with it being close to the tank. One you get that carrier bearing out throw it as far as you can and never look back. I love the one piece DS, it took out the suttle vibration when cruising. 05 3500 dually crew cab.
Do you have a 52 gallon fuel tank? Or stock? I couldn't tell from your sig.

I would hate to get the new 5" one piece and then not be able to upgrade to a larger fuel tank at a later date because driveshaft rubbing the tank.

1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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