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08 on the Dyno and won a few prizes!

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Well, I went to Alb., NM this weekend to attend a truck event to raise money for fallen military's family and got to put the new truck on a dyno.

386.5HP @ 3450 rpm and 657.7 ft. lbs. of torque @ 2850 rpm was the best run I could get. I was set on level 5 with the Attitude (all safetys off).

IMO, respectible numbers for nothing but a programmer, air filter and muffler delete. Especially running the bigger tires.:thumbsup

I also won a free oil change at my dealer and an Air Dog fuel system! Now just gotta figure out how to put it on after it gets here. :hyper:
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Well, I gave the company my address for the shipment of the Air Dog. Told 'em to send me the 100 model. Looks like it won't do too much with my truck setting at pretty much stock, but they said it should improve the MPGs a little. :thumbsup

So, how hard are these things to install?:popcorn:
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