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'07 Cummins/EGR Cooler is bad

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Ok, Guys... I say guys because I'm sure their are not many girls on here... Let me tell you what I have going on.... My 07 cummins dually had a light come on and then I noticed my truck was running HOT! It was in the red at 245. Which was odd because I had only driven maybe a mile? Well, took it to my buddies diesel shop, he said my coolant was low and I had a leak somewhere. However he pressurized my radiator and it went from a 20 down to a 16 and held there. He said it was a small leak from what he could tell and keep an eye on it.... Well, he replaced all fluid and away I went. Well, next day, about 5 miles later, light came on again!! Running hot. I pulled over, let it cool and took it to shop. Popped the hood and I had smoke coming out of the lil tube that hooks into my EGR cooler. Something to do with exhaust? Anyway, right then he knew that my anitfreeze was blowing out my exhaust and not even circulating thru the engine! UGH... So I am told my EGR cooler is bad.
I would like to just bypass/delete/fix it in what ever way is cheaper. I would like to get better fuel mileage, but not worried about going fast as I normally pull a horse trailer and drive it back and forth to work.
Any suggestions? My mechanic said I should do a delete kit, the exhaust pipe removal or DPF or whatever it is, and get a tunner. He said to get the Race ME. However, buying over seas has me a lil worried. I do NOT plan to selling the truck. Ideally, I would like to leave the EGR cooler on and get a programmer but not sure how it all works since my EGR cooler is bad....

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I recommend the Shibby Engineering EGR Cooler & full Delete kit. You will also have to delete the exhaust and run an aftermarket exhaust system, and have to buy a tuner to turn off the sensors in your ECM so it won't throw your truck into limp mode and fry the ECM.

If you don't want to go that route with doing full deletes, then I recommend buying a used EGR cooler from someone on here.
Not saying that it isn't the EGR cooler, but there is a strong possibility that your thermostat is stuck closed, making it over heat that quick. I would replace that first and go from there. Did the mechanic open up the bleeder port above the cooler when he refilled the coolant?
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