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06 white smoke and power loss

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hey guys, new to this forum. Just got an 06 3500 about two months ago and I'm having dinner problems with it. she had been blowing a small bit of white smoke with black for a few weeks, then I got on it hard and she started blowing plain old white smoke. Earlier that day after work I cranked her up and she was reviing slow. I checked on my H&S mini max and my fuel readings ( which are usually at 198 at WOT) were at 70-115 at WOT. I let get run for a minute and everything cleared up and went back normal on its own. later that day she just fell on her face. Low power, lots of white smoke, and very low fuel readings. checked the fuel filter housing valve and not a drop came out if that helps. took loose the line from my airdog and turned the key over to see if my LP was working and plenty of fuel blew everywhere so I figure it's functioning right. Any ideas what it could be ? Oil and coolant are clean as well. also the fuel filter has just been replaced.
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bump. anyone? And sorry for the illiteracy and bad grammar, I'm on my smart phone
Stop driving it and get the injectors tested. Probably have one that failed.
Stop driving it and get the injectors tested. Probably have one that failed.
Agreed. White smoke is never a good thing.
you might want to look at the Head!
pull injectors and get them tested asap and just because the coolant and oil look good doesnt always mean everything is ok.

Turns out the Super B Took a crap on me. Got a new ii 62mm silver bullet in her now. Fixed the problem for about a month and now she's blowing white smoke again. Just my luck .
Any ideas on what it might be? Got a loss of power when I pulled out on front of a big rig and had to do some emergency maneuversmaneuvers and quick shifting, but there was no white smoke at the time, Just a max fuel quantity reading of 178 instead of the normal 198 on my h&s when you're really on it. Had it hooked up by a shop and they said fuel pressure and everything seemed normal so I kept on driving it for another 1000 miles. Had a slightly long start and didn't seem to have quite as much power as when it was initially fixed but want blowing white smoke so I was fine with it.

Now it's all white smoke, but no more (or not much more) of a loss of power than it already had. There is no knocking our any new noises that I've noticed ( haven't drove it since it started with the white so I may have just not noticed).

My thinking is injectors, but I'm really hoping for something cheaper went out than that. Next opportunity truck is getting took to have the injectors tested.. but until then any thoughts?
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Set an appointment to have the injectors tested next week, if they turn out to be the problem guess I'm looking into some 100hp industrial injection replacements.
Had the truck hooked up and had the injectors tested in the truck. Seems 2, 5, and 6 are the culprits. Got a line on a new set of bosch performance 100hp injectors brand new for 3k.
How many miles are on your truck? Know what stock injectors are good for mileage wise?
Mine has 224k on it and these were the stock set. No clue on what they're good for really, but i've always heard around 125k.. guess mine was the exception.
Got a p0606 code (ecm/pcm error), and dont know what to think of it. Think it may be my weak batteries? I know they're both in need of replacement, but spending $3600 on injectors has made my wallet hurt.. Now the sound of a new ECM doesnt seem so pleasant either.
New injectors in, truck was doing great. Drove 10 hours to Georgia, wake up to skipping and missing and white smoke at idle. Awesome.
Honestly just ready to be rid of this truck now. Really thought a cummins was more reliable than this.
What I would have done after new injectors was drain and drop the tank. Clean it up. Check pickup screen on pump. Flush fuel line. Then fill with new fuel prior to starting.
bummer man.. white smoke is never fun
What I would have done after new injectors was drain and drop the tank. Clean it up. Check pickup screen on pump. Flush fuel line. Then fill with new fuel prior to starting.
Dirty fuel isn't the issue here. Did another contribution test and cylinder 4 was at 89 while the rest were fine. Checked for blow by and it's excessive and distinctively more on one stroke than the rest. Shop is thinking dead cylinder, I'm hoping for dead injector or a stuck valve. Only a compression test will tell, so I guess I'll find out how much money it'll be tomorrow.
Cant find a shop who can do a compression test.. So the truck got drove 600 miles back to ohio. No noticeable difference from when i left beside the truck acting normal at one of the truck stops.. Even blew completely black smoke for a minute too. Decided to update my H&S even tho i'm sure that has nothing to do with it.. Gonna reset the valve lash and retorque the rocker arms and see if theres a change there. If not, guess i'll have to venture to other ideas.

I'll keep this thread updated until it's fixed for good.. I cant stand finding threads that could be helpful with no ending.
If your batteries are suspect bite the bullet and swap them. Also confirm you don't have a crossover cable issue that is common. Low voltage can cause white smoke and be intermittent.

Also check out this thread. That little wire has done very similar.

Those above are long shots considering your contribution test. I hate to say it but stop driving it if your contributions are that far off and your white smoking. It can get real expensive in a hurry if it's not troubleshot.

Find that shop for a compression test or test injectors.
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