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05 vs 07 on rpm's

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my brother has an '05 QCLB CTD with a G56, 285/70r17 cooper atr's. i have an 07 QCLB CTD with a G56, 285/70r17 cooper atr's. both 3.73's. why is at 2000 rpm i'm at 75 and he's at 65. the speeds are exact, but i'm at right around 75 at 2k and he's right around 65. what's the deal? is it gearing in the transfer case?
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both were bought new, and before i calibrated the speedo, they were still different.
this is very interesting, he bought from the lewiston dodge dealership back in late 05 or early 06, told him it was 3.73. where does a guy look to figure this out. he's still under waranty if that matters, should the dealership fix this? because he's looking into putting higher geared rearends in it now for fuel mileage.
i don't care for the dealer he bought it from, i'd still throw a fit with them. they sold hime something that they didn't have.
i know he's still got the window sticker, i saw it in jockey box last time i was home. and a part number should show what rear end is in it correct?
it wouldn't be the first time they'd hear me or my brother or my grandfather raise our voices there.... we don't have the best relationship with them
1 - 6 of 12 Posts
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