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05 vs 07 on rpm's

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my brother has an '05 QCLB CTD with a G56, 285/70r17 cooper atr's. i have an 07 QCLB CTD with a G56, 285/70r17 cooper atr's. both 3.73's. why is at 2000 rpm i'm at 75 and he's at 65. the speeds are exact, but i'm at right around 75 at 2k and he's right around 65. what's the deal? is it gearing in the transfer case?
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They wont fix it for free
unless he has proof that they told him that he has 3.73's (i.e window sticker maybe) and he can show that they are not 3.73's he doesn't have a chance
Yes, you will need the part mumber off the gear set. But before you go searching for that put the rear up on jack stands, and spin the tire one full rotation and cont the rotations of the driveshaft, it should spin 3.73 times with 3.73 gears. When you confirm they are not 3.73's, go in and talk to the maneger of the dealership and if they decline your request to change the gear set, an area where potential customers can hear you, raise your voice and state that it is false advertising and if the problem is not resolved you will take them to court...this will get their attention. :thumbsup
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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