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05 question : nozzles or injectors?

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I just bought an 05 and I have heard that some of these trucks have injector issues. The engine is stock. Would a set of nozzles correct the reliabilitly issue or do you have to do a complete injector swap? I would be putting a set of 50 HP nozzles/injectors if I did anything just for reliability and mileage.
Truck has 5" turbo back and a K&N cold air system on it with outer prefilter
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To me it would be a toss up. thats the mileage range a lot of injectors seem to start acting up at. if you have the money it would be good piece of mind to replace the injectors. if youre not having any problems now you could do a set of nozzles and just give the injectors a good inspection while theyre out
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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