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My Dad bought an 05 3500 with 100,000km/60,000m at the start of winter in November. We live in Saskatchewan Canada and our weather goes form 40c/110f in the summer down to -50c/-58f in the winter.

During the winter the truck started and ran good. Owning Diesel trucks before (chevys, this is our first dodge) we could tell the batteries were a little bit on the weak side but they never gave a problem.

A little while ago we noticed if the truck would sit for 5 or 6 days we would have to boost it or charge up the batteries in it to get it to start. Once it was running there was never a problem. We just assumed the batteries are weaker then we had once thought.

We then found out that if we didnt drive the truck every 3 or 4 days we would have to go through the same procedure. Being a Daily driver the majority of time it didnt really pose a big problem at first.

Now if the truck doesnt move every other day it will kill the batteries stone dead. no interior lights, no dinging nothing.

The trailer break that is installed has a little green light that stays on. We assumed the light was drawing off the one weak battery and killing it then dragging the other one down. We replaced both batteries with brand new energizer max batterys to fix the problem. It didnt. after installing the new batteries and not driving the truck they were both stone dead within a couple days.

This is our first Dodge and we dont really know what we are up against. We dont really know a whole lot about them and are fairly unfirmiliar with the trucks. Has anyone else had these kinds of issues or ideas on where to look? Any kind of help or advice would be great. thanx in advance
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