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05 Cummins Will not Start

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I have a 05 Dodge with a Cummints that will not start, it cranks but no fire. The truck has 207,000 miles on it and I let it sit for about a month when I recieved my new field vehicle. I went to start it and it seemed like it was starving for fuel so I cracked the water trap and keyed the ignintion on and then shut the trap. The truck fired and ran for one trip. When I parked it, it would not fire.

When I key the ignition on no gauges move, I can get A codes when calibrating the dash through the Odometer reset, however, I can not get any E codes when I cycle the Key on-off on-off on.

The A codes I get are

00 00

I believe there is not communication with the dash? Not sure.

Batteries are 12.6 volts
All fuses are fine, except trailer fuse which was blown.
I swithed relays around to make sure there was not a bad fuel solenoid realy.

When I open the water trap and key the ignition, fuel dribbles out. I put a new filter is also.

Any ideas?

I had a friend hook a MAC diagnostic tool to the plug under the dash and he could not read any codes either.

Also, I have access to a Cummins Engine tool, however, I heard these will not work on the Dodge cummins?

Any help would be appreciated.

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