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if the engine has ever had a RP increasing box on it or the RP sensor is defective and reading low, both will cause high RPs, injector body killers plus increased abrasion wear

both problems exacerbated by high engine loads towing loads with resulting higher RP duty cycle.

Bosch Engineering produced an internal white paper on fuel filtration recommendations, they recommended a max. particle size of 3 micron. There is a pirated copy floating around on the internet cloud out there. Dodge refused to follow the inj. manuf. filtration specs. we pay the price.
by the time the injectors started failing in mass, Daimler AG was already looking for a buyer to get out of it's Chrysler financial nightmare. Cerberus was not a problem solver, they were only interested in milking Chrysler out, they took the cash and Cut and Ran.

the OEM Dodge canister filter is a piece of garbage, may as well have a roll of toilet paper in the canister

So bad fuel makes them crack I guess?
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