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05 3500 U-joints

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Alright heres my problem I pulled all 6 u joints out of my front prop shaft and rear drive shaft of my 4x4 long bed crew cab and I have tried both Spicer (5-106X) and Duralast (2-0054DL) in the rear drive shaft, neither worked as a matter of fact the Spicer one has frozen in the shaft and I need a press to get it out. I haven't even attempted the front ones yet. Called my local driveline shop and they said I need to get the ones from the dealership at over $60 a piece theres no way thats the only answer. I know that AAM made these like .010 of an inch to large but theres got to be another company out there or some other way to get the AAM ones. Thanks for the help trucks been down for 3 months this is the last thing I need.
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