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04 Unstable idle

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Hi, im aving an issue with my 04 dually engine/trans. When idle, on D, the idle goes up and down like +-100 rpm and you can feel the trans clutching, like if the truck want to take off by itself. When I put it on N or P, everything goes back to normal. And it start doing it at 20 and less. When I accelerate, it all stop. And when im accelerating at 1800 rpm the trans shift up and down at 40 between 2 speed. I need to open it at 2000rpm if i want it to stop.

Anyone ever experienced that issue and know a solution to my problem ? Thanks all and sorry for the hard explanation, im french canadian and I hope to find a solution hère. Thanks !
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Just figured that when I place it in N while the truck is moving the engine still have anormal RPM. Stop only few second after putting it in N. Trying to give the more info. Thanks !
Could be a bad torque converter.. i've seen when coming to a stop and it downshifts into 1st gear the converter locks up and if feels like the truck is going to do a burnout by itself, and it takes alot of brake to hold it back. Does that sound at all like whats happening?
Yes its like if the truck wanted to do a race, giving fuel shot and giving small clutch shot :p its not hard to hold but yes it take more brake to hold it. Worst when the truck is warmed. What should i check on the torqie converter ?
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