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03 dodge ram 5.9 cummins no start

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I blew a power steering hose , cleaned up the mess replaced the hose, driving down the road, truck revs up to about 3grand and dies the truck will not start. I have replaced the fuel filter, fuel pressure regulator and new batteries still no start , took to dodge dealer cause I had a p2509 my mechanic buddy said computer maybe needed to be flashed , dodge mechanic said computer is good and needed to do a fuel test , lift pump good, injector pump good but I only had 149 psi at rail he checked the fuel pressure relief valve it was bypassing like crazy, he says I needed a new one put new one on fuel pressure at rail is no 500 psi but still no start , now he is testing the injectors.....anyone else been through this any ideas.....
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Rail pressure failed to build up for ECM to fire injectors.
Already replaced fuel filter,FCA and PRV.
The only left to replace would be injectors/tube and CP3.
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