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03 dodge ram 5.9 cummins no start

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I blew a power steering hose , cleaned up the mess replaced the hose, driving down the road, truck revs up to about 3grand and dies the truck will not start. I have replaced the fuel filter, fuel pressure regulator and new batteries still no start , took to dodge dealer cause I had a p2509 my mechanic buddy said computer maybe needed to be flashed , dodge mechanic said computer is good and needed to do a fuel test , lift pump good, injector pump good but I only had 149 psi at rail he checked the fuel pressure relief valve it was bypassing like crazy, he says I needed a new one put new one on fuel pressure at rail is no 500 psi but still no start , now he is testing the injectors.....anyone else been through this any ideas.....
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with a shot of either it will start and run for a half second then shut down , I don't like either so I did not try to much.
the dodge mechanic is going to test the injectors , I understand what your are saying about contaminated fuel , I am at my witts end with this truck it is at the dealership and that scares me.
could the crank shaft sensor be bad since that is where my power steering hose blew, even though I am not getting any codes?
update on my truck for those who may be interested.......well it is no longer at the dealership. Now it is at xtreme diesel they pulled the injectors and found 5 clogged and one beautifully streaming. they are thinking contaminated fuel I just hope once the injectors are replaced the truck will fire and run and I hope the cp3 is fine ....that's all I know now I will post updates as I find them out.
cp3 is good they cleaned fuel tank and found the screen on the pick up tube was torn and allowing sediment or whatever you want to call it through which he thinks clogged the injectors anyways new fuel pump, new injectors and labor $3182 buckaroos..........he said its running and will run.......
Any water in fuel? Any corrosion in injectors, feed tubes or CP3?

A quality water separator/fuel filter in the canister would have stopped all that krap. Baldwin PF7977 5 micron in the canister asap

Lots of the junke out there on the market lets 10 micron thru which will kill injectors and has NO water separating capability.
i will be getting one thank you.
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