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03 cummins help

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my buddys dad has a 03 cummins auto and when you first take off it shudders around 1800 rpms but is fine after that, only does it in first gear too. any ideas? and the bushing thing where the 2 rear driveshafts meet you can whiggle it around. it only does it when you take off from a stop. and are these things stock really slow? its the 250hp model and stock, has 102,000 miles on it and my 99 powertroke when it was stock would destroy it. maybe somethings wrong with the tranny?
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I'd start by replacing that Carrier bearing between the driveshafts.

Yes the SOs are pretty slow in stock form. It's got the torque though so up against that Powerstroke with a trailer behind them it would probably leave the PS in a cloud of smoke pulling a hill........
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