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So I have a 177k mile 03 cummins, with what I believe is a fully stock suspension.
I am looking to fix the sagging it has and bottoming out issue as well and the very floaty drive it has in general.
The shocks are stock and so are the springs, I checked my bump stops and they were nonexistent.... so whenever I bottom out it has a loud bang and I am assuming thats the problem.
Also the truck has a "loaded front end" if that front bar counts since it definitely adds some weight... its an easely front bar or whatever it may be called. The front end does sag about 2-3 inches compared to the rear... here are some pics.
It does need to be aligned as well since its been awhile since then.... so my plan was to get bilistien 4600 for the truck and also buying some tuftruck coil springs to hopefully raise the front end to the correct stock height I hope... the next part is where im sort of lost, with the bump stops should I put oem ones on it or get summo springs or the timbrens? Let me know your suggestions of what steps I should take to fix the issues of bottoming out and the sagging as well, also I will be replacing the tires at the same time, thank you! 20200528_112519.jpg 20200528_112527.jpg 20200528_112540.jpg 20200528_112543.jpg
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