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03 2500 quad cab 6 speed

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I just found this 03 6 speed from the dealer that i bought my current truck from. I talked to him and he sayed he would give me exactly what i paid for my truck. The truck looks pretty nice in the pictures havent seen it up close yet going to look at it in the next couple of days.. what do you guys think good deal or not?

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2003 Dodge Ram 2500 SLT Quad Cab 4WD
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don't need to sell mine but if someone needs one.94,700 miles.NEVER SEEN A TRAILOR A DAYS IN IT'S LIFE! just had the valves run for a piece of mind...cummins tech....said the the valves are perfect.never seen a cleaner diesel in his life. i change the oil,oil filter and fuel filter EVERY 3,000 driven.never been smoked in. the a/c you can hang meat in the cab.took a 650 mile trip and hand calculated 23.8 miles to the is only 2-wheel drive.rotate the tires ever 7,000 miles.get washed once a fluid in the traqnny and the rear end.yes it has been babied!:thumbsup
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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