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03 2500, level kit, shock questions and a few other ??

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Picked myself up a 03 qcsb supposedly ho motor. 35's, 3 inch level kit. s&b intake, 4inch downpipe, 5inch back. few questions i have. I installed a smarty handheld tune, level 3, safe for stock tranny. truck runs awesome, no smoke, hits 27psi max. this good? also, what shocks do i need since i have the 3 inch level? They clunk and bounce alot... i come from first gens, so everything is so different!!!

When i brought her home..

Neat badge..

Installed transtemp, egt, boost.

Rims, headlights, cab lights, touched up the grille.
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your going to want to get Bilstiens, 5100 series and when you shopping just make sure to read what lift they will support, it will say it on the shock info
im going with the 5100s as soon as I can explain to the wife that I need new springs and they just happen to be a little taller which means I need new shocks!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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