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02 Problems. . . Injector pump :-(

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My step dad has an 02 dully 2x4. I dont think it even has 100k on it yet. He took it to a local diesel shop and they said its the IP and said its going to cost 2700 out the door. It runs starts and idles fine. Its when you hit the hwy only every now and then it will loose speed without you letting out of it. You have to down shift to jump up the RPMS and then you can hit the next gear then its fine. I thought if an injector pump goes it doesnt show much sign it just goes his truck has been doing this for months and he has drove it daily since. What do yall think it is i am scepitcal on the pump going out just doesnt sound right sounds like someone is trying to screw him. I could be totally wrong and if i am tell me. My pupm went out on my old idi 7.3 and it just went with no signs. If it is the pump who has a good price on it and where and how hard is the install i did the one on my old 7.3 idi with no problem the hardest part was priming the sob. What do yall think
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KEY TRICK turn the key on/off/on/off/on with out starting it and leaving it on the third time look at the odometer and wright down all the codes that pop up and let us know. :thumbsup
Ok i just did it his truck read P PCU what does that mean?
I did it to mine as well and my came up with a P1693 what does that mean?

Thanks for the help!
Don't pay 2700 to replace it... you can pick up a pump from Midwest Fuel Injection for under $1100 and replace it yourself....

on the codes issue, not all codes will display on the odometer and not all VP-44(injection pump) failures will set a code and that's the tricky part... unless the truck is actually dead, you won't know for sure that it's the pump and $1100 is an expensive stab in the dark at fixing the problem. That being said, if he's losing power while cruising and what fixes it is down shifting, pretty good chance it's the pump. It's the infamous 'dead pedal' and is usually an indication of a dead/dying pump. Also could be the Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor(APPS).
how would i diagnos the positioner. does any one know what the code PPCU is?
how would i diagnos the positioner. does any one know what the code PPCU is?
P PCU isn't a code....

P codes will be in this form... P 0216(vp-44 death code) or P 0121 (code for the APPS).
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