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02 MAP Sensor

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I need some help and I can’t seem to find any online. I have an 02 ram with a quadzilla tuner and my map sensor went out. Problem is, I can’t seem to find the same style sensor anywhere. Part number is 4061701. People have sent me links to sensors that claim to be for an 02, but it’s a different style and the connector with the red locking tab won’t fit it. I did read somewhere that I might need to get an adapter harness and possibly a different style of map sensor. Is this information true? I did some looking into it but all I could find was a harness with two different connectors. The one currently on my pickup has three connectors, and I can link pictures if this confuses anybody. Any help would be appreciated.
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Sounds good, I’ll check it out. Do you happen to know exactly what harness Quadzilla sent you? The one on my pickup looks like this picture, but I can’t find one that also has the three connectors and that would fit the 4921505 sensor. I’m super confused.
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