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01 Thermostat

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There are 2 options for my thermostat 180 degree and 190.Which one do you use and does anyone know why there are 2different temps for the thermostat.
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I have a 190 in mine and my experience with Class 8 rigs tells me they will have a bit more power and get a little bit better fuel mileage running at 190 or a little more. I don't recall what the computer showed on the trucks that had them but it seems like they ran about 200*. Been a few years since I have been in one with a 'puter though. If it is important enough to you my bro's rig has one in it but I am not sure it is still working since it has over 750,000 miles and 10 years now. :lol3::CRY::thumbsup
I have tried both in my 01, and had better luck with the 190°

Went with the 180 temp thermostat and couldent be happier.Im pulling in the Hillcountry in Central TX and with the heat between 95 and 100 this has really helped.Im pulling a 40 ft inclosed high celling cargo trailer completly loaded down head to toe .Found out about the 180 degree thermostat in another thread here on the site ,Cummins Forum for the win:peelout

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Yeap I agree you get better MPG with a hotter thermostat compared to 180*F. Because the ECM is constantly being told that the engine is a bit cool and add more fuel. Yes... The Gasser Dodge's do this for a slight power increase but doesn't help with MPG though...:w:
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