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01 Cummins 24V camshaft sensor

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Okay guys I got a code for a camshaft position sensor and won't go away. When I start my truck it runs real rough for about 10 secs then my RPMs drop to zero and my idle levels out and it runs great, but no RPM gauge? And so a little back story, when I first bought the truck guy said it had a bad ecm, and was tuck in limp mode? So he gave me an extra ecm and a pcm and said he pulled them from a junk yard. So I slapped the new ecm he gave me in it and it drove fine. Minus the RPM gauge. So I took it in and got the ecm flashed. But now my problem is when I plug a nice fanny scanner in it, it tells shows me a different vin and says my truck is a 99? My truck is a 01. 1/01 to be exact. So long story short, my question is do you think the place I took it to didn't really flash it? Or if they did, did they not program new ecm to my vin?? And I replaced camshaft sensor twice! Which was a pain!!! So do you think some how some way the ecm is not registered the cam sensor?? Any help would be awesome. Thanks
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Okay guys wanted to add a quick side note. So the scanner is saying my truck is a 99 which I'm thinking is the ECM, the engine tag says 8/12/00 and my truck door tag says it's 1/01. Maybe this will help narrow down my problem. Thanks
My truck runs fine. It's only the cam sensor and rpm gauge that not work?
Sorry just seen your replies. Okay so the tag on my engine says says o8/12/2000. My truck is a 01/2001. But when I plug scanner in my truck and it says model year 1999? But I did swap ecm when I got the truck. The guy gave me a extra ecm and a pcm and I only swapped ecm. Then I took it down to get flashed. There is no crank shaft position sensor near the starter. It only has a cam. And I've already swapped cam sensor twice with no avail. The rpm will work for a few seconds while started. The drops to zero? Im doing head gasket now so I pulled whole wire harness off and went through the whole thing with a fine comb soldering and heat shrinking any thing that look damaged. I'm waiting on head gasket now so won't be able to fire it up for a week or so. But after doing research I found schematic for 99 and 01 and the same color wires for the crank on the 99 are the same color wires for the 01 cmp sensor. I think pins 3,4,17 on my 50 pin connector. So I'm wondering if my ecm is a 99 and my 01 wire harness is the problem?
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Part # on the ECM I put in is 3942336
That is easy, what is the part number on the ecm?
Hey bigfish what did you figure out? It's killing me trying to figure this out lol
My truck runs and drives minus overdrive and the cam situation. Is there any way I can swap around a couple pinouts? Say pins 17, and 9? The cmp signal is on 9 on the 99 and on 17 on the 01. Or will that ruin my ecm? I know dumb question I'm just tight on cash because I'm doing head gasket and studs right now. Plus the wire loom I bought when I pulled wire harness$$ . Tha KS
Okie dokie. Is it gonna ruin my vp44 running it the way I am now?
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