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01 auto. Mild mods. Stacking issue

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2001 Cummins 4x4 auto trans( not build yet).
Has 63mm turbo
Air ram intake
5" exhaust 8" tip
150 raptor lift pump
Edge juice with additude comp hot unlock. 7 levels
I recently learned about stacking with programmer and tuner.
But for some reason, I can't use level 6 and 7. I did some research and from what I understood it is defeuling.but my question is, why is it doing that? I have the smarty s03 and on level 8 which is catcher without timing. Alittle help guys. At least to understand why it does that
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Please don't stack an edge and a smarty, it is pointless. the edge is already maxing duration without the smarty. all you are doing is making all your throttle input happen betwene 0-30% tps input.

If you want more power get injectors, but look at your stock trans I think you need to reconsider running around with the edge above lvl 2 or 3.

If you can't select lvls 6 or 7 then you should talk to edge, but the comp isn't working right if you can't select levels 6 or 7.

if you want to understand why you shouldn't stack you can read this.
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