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  1. Cummins Forum News
    Looking for a way to make your performance truck, Jeep or SUV stand out? We have teamed up with Pro Comp USA to help make that happen by giving a way a set of four Rockwell 34 Series wheels in matte bronze. The good news is it is 100% free to enter for your chance to win. To participate, click...
  2. Tire and Wheel 3rd Gen
    Had a question for any wheel/rim experts out there. Currently running stock 17"rims on my 03 with 285/70/17 tires. I'm looking to change to 18" rims and decreasing tire size to 265/65/18. I found some 2019 ram 18s that have the same bolt pattern but are a 57mm offset from my 43mm offset stock...
  3. Tires and Wheels - FOR SALE
    4 Method MR701-HD bronze wheels in 18x9 +18mm offset 8x6.5 bolt pattern. Mounted for approx 300 miles. Outside faces are near perfect. Insides have insignificant installation marks. These retailed for $449 and purchased from Discount Tire. $1400 and will ship. They are boxed up and ready to...
    $1,400 USD
  4. 1st Gen Tire and Wheel
    I recently bought my dads mint 93’ dodge and I’m wondering if 33’s will fit under jt without rubbing. If anybody has any pictures of their 1st gen with 33’s and no lift please show!!!!
  5. 1st Gen Tire and Wheel
    so, ram has been making the same 8x6.5/8x165 lug pattern on all their diesel trucks. they all use it from what I've read. but, when I tried to put the rims from my 3rd gen onto my first gen, the lugs barley stuck out enough to start a thread with a nut, and this was on the rear so they are...
  6. 1st Gen Tire and Wheel
    I’m looking for wheel spacers for a 1989 D250 Cummins 4x4. Anyone know which ones will fit?
  7. 2010+ WTB/WTT
    Looking for a set of OEM SRW 18" 5 or 6 spoke wheels. bonus for the 5th spare. prefer to have the TPMS sensors in them. In WYoming, willing to travel to Salt lake, Billings, Rapid City, Fort Collins.
  8. 2003 & Early 2004 Only Discussion
    Found these wheels for pretty cheap on classifieds so I painted them and threw them on my truck, just wanted to show for others who were thinking of doing the same thing.
  9. 1999 cummins

    This was taken when i put new tires, wheels, and stacks on it
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  10. New wheels

    3rd gens on a 2nd gen - looks much better!
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1-11 of 11 Results