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  1. Tire and Wheel 3rd Gen
    Have a 2006 2500 with 2 in leveling kit. Looking at wheels 22x12 with -44 offset. Should I go with 33x12.5 or can I possibly fit 35? Have 20x19 wheels on 35x11.25 tires now with no rub issues but looking for something new.
  2. 2nd Gen Tire and Wheel
    Hi everyone. I recently bought a 2002 Dodge ram 2500 4x4 that is running on a 4:10 differential. This causes my rpm's to be a little high on the highway, that being said I figured that instead of swapping out the differentials on it I rather go with a bigger size wheel. I don't want to lift my...
  3. 2019+ Tire and wheel
    Looking for some input from people currently running this setup, I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I personally like a stancey truck. What leveling kits or lifts are people running that will prevent rubbing for this wheel setup because I know stock ride height rubs hard, I prefer to not...
  4. 4th Gen Tire and wheel
    While back had a set of 16x12 Mickey Thompson class iis on a 2nd gen of mine, would love to have that look back on my 2010 4th gen. However I am aware that the smallest rim size on these trucks is a 17 due to the calipers. Has anyone gotten around this to fit 16s? I’ve considered maybe retro...
1-5 of 6 Results